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Frequently asked questions

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1. What is Making a Difference Locally?

Making a Difference Locally is a charity that has been established to support local communities. The communities supported are those which are served by local independently-owned convenience stores that are members of Nisa, a buying organisation ( We believe that these retailers are well placed to understand the needs of the local community that they serve and we therefore ask them to nominate charities or good causes that serve those communities.

2. How does the retailer select which charity or good cause they donate to?

The retailer has the freedom to ask us to donate money to any charity or good cause in their local area, whether it be to the local branch of a national charity or a small local sports club which is in need of new equipment; it is entirely up to the retailer.

3. How do you know if charities or good causes that receive a donation are legitimate?

We undertake checks to ensure that any donation we make is going to a suitable cause.

4. How does Making a Difference Locally raise money?

Certain products sold by retailers attract donations from the companies who supply those products. The donations are made to Making a Difference Locally and we allow the retailer who has sold the product to nominate a charity for us to donate to.

5. How do we know which products are giving money to the Making A Difference charity?

The products that contribute to Making a Difference will be identified with the Making A Difference Locally logo - this will make it easier to identify which products will be helping to raise money for local charities or good causes. In addition, some other products may help to raise money and these will be identified in a leaflet which is available in the retailer’s store.

6. Can we suggest different charities, within our community that we feel should be given a donation?

Suggestions are always welcome. Please speak to your local Nisa retailer and express your ideas – they will consider any suggestions that fit with our donation criteria.

7. How much money will be given to charity?

This depends on a number of factors. Firstly, on the volume of products sold from suppliers committed to Making a Difference Locally, the more promoted products that sell the more money will be donated to the charities. Secondly, the retailer can save the money raised and give a charity or good cause a large sum of money, or they can distribute smaller amounts more frequently to the charities or good causes.