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How the Charity is Governed

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How the Charity is Governed

The charity is governed by a board of trustees who receive no remuneration from the charity and are in place to ensure any donations made to a nominated charity or good cause will be used appropriately.


  • John McNeill (Chair) (Nisa Colleague)
  • Kathryn Marsden (Nisa Colleague)
  • Scott Etherington (Nisa Colleague)
  • Steve Leach (Nisa Colleague)
  • Christopher Taylor (Nisa Independent Retailer)
  • Andy Barber (Independent)
  • David Stokes (Independent

Our board of Trustees meets 6 times a year.

Head Office

Waldo Way 
Normanby Enterprise Park 
DN15 9GE



Garbutt & Elliot 
33 Park Place 


Barclays Bank plc 
14 Commercial Street 
Sheffield S1 1NG

Making a Difference (Marketing) Limited

The law prevents charities from carrying out any non-charitable trading – this is because such trading could put the assets of the charity at risk.  We have therefore chosen to incorporate a subsidiary company which enables us to carry out non-charitable trading, something that helps us raise money for the charity without putting its assets at risk.

Making a Difference (Marketing) Limited is that trading subsidiary. It is wholly owned by the charity.


As a responsible company it is required to ensure that donations are properly made and that recipients of any donation comply with certain strict guidelines.