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Family business benefits local groups

Published on 07 April 2014

A Nisa Local in Liverpool, Merseyside, donates £500 to local Rainbow, Brownie and Guide groups.
The Colin Sykes business which has two stores in Speke and Woolton, raised the monies through their membership with Nisa and its Making A Difference Locally (MADL) charity.

MADL is an independent registered charity created in 2008, which enables retailers to raise money through the sale of participating products promoted in store where a specified amount of the cost of the product is allocated to a fund.

The money will go towards transport, trips-out and activities for the youngster’s part of 1st Speke Rainbows, 405th Liverpool Brownies and 405th Liverpool Guides.

Director of the stores, Peter Sykes, said: “We believe it is important to be part of the community by helping worthy causes which need the money most.

“The Rainbow, Brownie and Guide groups will take full advantage of the donation to benefit youngsters in our area. Nisa’s charity Making A Difference Locally is a great way for retailers to get involved with their surrounding area which they serve.”

Clare Gregson, leader of the 1st Speke Rainbows, said: “The £500 donation from Colin Sykes means a lot to our group, as the only money we have coming in is £2 which the girls pay each week. These subs are used to pay towards all our activities. If we take the girls on a trip somewhere they have to pay extra for the event.

“Each group will use the donation for different things- the Guides will put it towards transport to take the girls camping, the Brownies group have various events on this year to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday.”

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